Web Hosting

We provide web hosting solutions tailored to your needs in dedicated dell servers. All servers work with linux operating system. We can of course provide windows based hosting upon request.

These are the standard web packages we offer

HERMES » speed oriented
» fast ssd storage
» nginx server
» mariadb sql server
6gb space

MARS » security oriented
» daily malware scans
» mod_sec rules
6gb space

KRONOS » avoid disaster
» daily extra database backups
» individual file recovery
» 30 day backup history
12gb space

ZEUS » storage oriented
30gb space

• unlimited bandwidth
• unlimited db/mails etc
• 5 backups per week / retain 2 monthly backups (full)
• multiple PHP versions available
• latest apache server
• monthly security scans
• weekly database automatic checks
• server firewall/IDS
• cpanel management

300 mails per hour max for each account. We do not provide or support mass mail services.
There is a 5TB bandwidth ceiling per account to avoid cases of extreme bandwidth usage due to malware and DOS attacks

A note about security issues.

If your website is infected and we get notified about phishing/malware spreading/spam etc, we reserve the right to take actions to remedy the situation.
According to the incident's severity we may:

- deny access to specific pages of your website
- deny access to all pages of your website
- suspend email send/receive
- suspend the account

in every case you will be notified immediately and we will work together to find a solution.

A note about load issues.

If your website is the cause of general high loads in our servers, you will be notified to take actions in the next 12 hours. Failure to do so will result in suspending parts of or the whole account.


Although we guarantee 99.9% uptime per year, web hosting is provided with no cluster or balance based availability. This means that in case of hardware failures or network outages, it will take some time to restore web services. Please be patient, these incidents are rare and if they occur we are obliged to respond asap.

Load balancing

There is no load balancing in standard web hosting services.

Custom needs

If you need something different from the standard web hosting packages we provide, contact us and we will provide you with a customized package in a logical price.