About argaleios

Short questions and answers about argaleios

Q: What is argaleios?

A: Argaleios is team of technologically skilled people located in Greece. Our mission is to offer quality services in the areas of network server infrastructure, virtualization, cloud services etc

Q: What 'argaleios' means?

A: Argaleios is the Greek word for loom. We decided on this name as loom is a machine that weaves fabric, thus in our perspective, we are weaving connections in the imaginative fabric of world's network, connecting you with it and its functions.

Q: Can you support on-site installations?

A: Yes, we can install on-site in any EU country.

Q: What about overseas (for example the US)?

A: We can remotely acquire, install and manage for you servers in the US.

Companies who trust their infrastructure on us

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